Vintage jewelry and perfumery with Edita Vigelyte and Lina Žičkiene

Event date
2024-04-18 18:00 To 20:00


Another meeting with perfumery educator and producer of artistic perfumery Edita Vigelyte in Pievose . This time, Edita is not alone, together with her is the collector of vintage jewelry, the founder of "JOORA VINTAGE", Lina Žičkienė.
What do past accents tell us? Vintage perfumery - what is it? What is the shelf life of perfumes, what do they become after they expire? Is it worth building your vintage perfume collection?
These and all the questions you asked will be reviewed by perfumery culture educator Edita Vigelytė.
In Edita's exposition, you will find samples of vintage perfumes, as well as perfumery from the creative laboratories of "FUMparFUM / created by Aistis Mickevičius", "Exaltatum perfume by Eglija Vaitkevičė" and other perfumery authors.
Lina, who has always had a love for second-hand things, lives by ideas of sustainability and the stories of things, will share her thoughts about what vintage jewelry is, what are the stories of their origin, what to pay attention to when choosing a piece of jewelry that has not lived its first life, or what to do with jewelry that is no longer pleasing.
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During the event, it will be possible to purchase artistic perfumery and vintage jewelry.