Vilnius Arsenal

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2024-04-14 16:00 To 17:30


Chamber ensemble "Vilnius Arsenalas" - Spring divertissement

Participants: L. Šulskutė (flute), R. Romoslauskas (viola) and S. Okruško (piano).

WA Mozart - Trio in E flat major KV 407 (386c) for flute, viola and piano
1. Allegro 2. Andante 3. Rondo;

Fr. Kuhlau - Duet for flute and piano Op. 110 no. 2
1. Allegro con affetto ma non troppo. Presto
2. Adagio 3. Rondo. Allegro poco agitato;

A. Šenderovas - Under the Wings of Sorrow
for flute, viola and piano (2018) (the last piece written for the Vilnius Arsenal);

T. Makačinas - Tango "Falling Star" for viola and piano
(2004, 2014 edition);

F. Doppler - Andante and rondo flutes, for viola and piano, op.25;

F. Poulenc - Trio for flute, viola and piano, op. 43
1. Presto 2. Andante 3. Rond;

Under the wings of sadness
This is the name of one of the paintings of a famous artist from Vilnius, Samuel Bak. In those days, when I wrote my work for the ensemble "Vilnius Arsenalas", Lithuania said goodbye to its symbol - the Lithuanian song V. Noreika... Death does not bypass anything, no matter how wide its wings are in this life. It seemed to me that this title of Samuel Bak's painting would be very suitable for my work, inspired by thoughts about the beauty and fragility of life. Anatoly Senderov

T. Makačinas describes his tango "Falling Star" for viola and piano as a popular piece performed by various ensembles. The creation of the transcription of "Falling Stars" for viola and piano was initiated by the viola virtuoso R. Romoslauskas of the ensemble "Vilnius Arsenalas", who sought to diversify the ensemble's repertoire with works of an entertaining nature. The passionate frenzy of tango and the timbre of the viola spreading emotional warmth, the charming melody accompanied by crystal piano passages, merge into a harmonious flow of motifs and figures characteristic of tango dance, which we hope will arouse the imagination of the listeners," says the composer.