TrenkTuras: Nemunas loops'22 with Gjensidige

The cost of the event
9.00 - 42.00
Event date
2022-05-14 07:00 To 23:59


The trip to the loops of the Nemunas, which is loved by the most loyal hikers and has already become a star of TrenkTuro, returns. And even 7 times more powerful! You will have time to check and love, as well as new routes. Through the valleys carved by the Nemunas, the forested forests and cozy resort towns. When thinking about how the loops of the Nemunas will turn, there is only one question: how can it be so beautiful?
We will be waiting for the dedicated hikers and new hikers in Prienai on May 14. Your 8, 15, 20, 25, 34, 50 "Eglė Sanatorium" or even 72 kilometers of adventure will start here. The latter will be a great workout before the Coastline trek in the fall!