The play "Unseen World"

free of charge
Event date
2023-01-25 11:00 To 11:45


Arts Printing House, together with Norwegian partners Assitej Norge and DAVVI - Center for Performing Arts, participates in the project - "Without borders: theater for children and youth", supported in 2014-2021. in the program of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms.

The play "The Unseen World" | Dansema (LT)
Details make up the whole, contrasts create dynamics, movements lead to dance. This is how babies perceive the surrounding world and life. Dansema's latest interactive dance performance "The Unseen World" is full of various movements, colors and surfaces that awaken the senses of the little ones and develop their ability to notice details, connect the whole from the details and creatively respond to the ideas offered by the dancers. The performance invites children to become active participants in the action and at the same time leaves the little ones the freedom to decide when and how they would like to join the process of the performance.
The idea of the performance is to creatively introduce babies to the main elements of dance (space, time, energy) and let them experience dance through movement, color, different surfaces of scenography materials and dancers' costumes, and specially created music.
Duration: 45 min. Recommended age: 6-18 months. babies
The performance is free, registration is required -