The play "Sunny Line"

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Event date
2024-03-08 20:30 To 22:00


The creators of EGO SPA and "Atviras Ratas" Theater, Vesta Šumilovaitė and Justas Tertelis, with the help of the play's creative team, invite the audience to a one-part play based on the play "Sunny Line" by one of the most innovative and important contemporary drama creators in Europe, Iwan Wyrypajew. Although I. Wyrypajev is very well known to the Lithuanian theater audience, the performance based on this play is created for the first time in Lithuania.

The central theme of the play is the relationship between two people in a family. How to create an open relationship with another person? How to remove all masks and free yourself from formal, domestic relationships? How to hear each other and grow together? And is it even possible? The fable of the play is based on the conflict between two spouses, which tries to resolve and reveal the confusion of the relationship between a man and a woman, accumulated grievances and unfulfilled expectations, which are deepening the chasm between two people. Through tragicomic and perfectly recognizable situations, in this unpredictable comedy, I. Wyrypajev leads the audience to a kind of therapeutic meeting - how to happily communicate with your wife, husband, partner and the world? Extraordinary humor of the author, expertly structured dialogues, active rhythm of the play.

"Sunny Line" is a bold and open experiment by an actor duo, which not only continues the theater laboratory's aspiration to speak with the audience in its own theatrical language and today's relevant topics, but also invites you to recognize yourself in the theater, with the help of light self-irony, a sense of humor and the joy of getting to know each other.

Creators and actors of the show: Justas Tertelis and Vesta Šumilovaitė

Scenographer and costume designer: Liuka Songailitė

Light artist: Ignas Lungevičius

Duration - 1 hour. 20 minutes