The play "Maybe we don't do tragedy"

The cost of the event
29.00 - 40.00
Event date
2023-04-29 19:00 To 20:40


"Maybe we don't do tragedy" is a comedy starring Giedrius Savickas, Mantas Stonkus, Gelminė Glemžaitė and Milda Noreikaitė.
The director of the play is Simonas Aškelavičius. Set designer and costume designer – Kotryna Daujotaitė.
The author of the play is the famous contemporary French playwright Yasmina Reza. Her award-winning drama (original title "Le Dieu du carnage") impresses with its excellent knowledge of the psychology of the characters and the talented development of the dynamics of the action.
Thanks to S. Ashkelavičius and the fantastic quartet of actors, the play broke away from the original. She spoke about Lithuanian current affairs, which was met with loud laughter from the audience. The audience can easily identify the characters from their own life experiences.
At the beginning of the play, we learn that the eleven-year-old son of Armando (Mantas Stonkus) and Aneta (Gelmíne Glemžaitė) knocked out two teeth of the son of Valentino (Giedrius Savickas) and Veronika (Milda Noreikaitė) with a stick during a conflict. Parents of both families meet at the latter's home to discuss the causes of the conflict and resolve the consequences in a civilized manner.
The character of Giedrias Savicks, the merchant Valentinas, is a tear-jerkingly funny freak who suddenly acquires blatant courage in critical situations. Mr. Savick can be funny even when he doesn't want to be, but in "Maybe we don't do tragedy" you can see how brilliantly comic he becomes when he wants to be.
The biography of Mantas Stonkaus, not only as an actor, but also as a stand-up comedian, allowed him to take his character to a new level. His lawyer, Armand, is a character who does not let go of the phone, aims like a needle and even makes cruel jokes.
Made by Milda Noreikaitė, Veronika - a writer and fan of African culture - looks amazing and perfect. It makes you wonder what is behind this facade of supermom, superwife and superwoman? Don't worry, you will find out.
Gelminė Glemžaitė plays Aneta, the wife of M. Stonkaus' character Armand. The latter seems like the most restrained of the characters. However, when patience runs out, the viewer will be in for a real explosion.
"Maybe we don't do tragedy" is an unpredictable performance, no matter what you predict, it will still surprise you. It is necessary to remind, the work has a N-18 age rating. Children are not allowed in the hall, and adult viewers are warned: there is smoking, profanity may be used, some scenes may be shocking.