The movie "I am with myself"

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2024-05-08 19:00 To 20:30


Cindy and Damon love each other very much. However, like all couples, they experience mutual misunderstandings. Damon doesn't understand Cindy's whims, and she doesn't care about the things that are important to Damon. Both consider the relationship to be natural and make no effort to foster mutual empathy. Not long before their wedding and Valentine's Day, Cindy receives a strange plant as a gift. The editor-in-chief of a tabloid newspaper rarely receives gifts, especially such strange ones! She takes the plant home, and when she wakes up in the morning, she gets a shock. This plant magically transferred her mind into Damon's body and Damon's mind into her body. Now the loved ones find out, willy-nilly, how their other half lives. Cindy and Damon must become better people and find would teleport to their real bodies. Misunderstandings at work, surprise of relatives and clashes at home. This is just a fraction of the inconveniences that the couple will have to overcome.
The place of the event is the cinema hall (A building).