The Hundred Step Journey Movie

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2023-07-03 19:00 To 20:30


Sometimes it's harder to take a few steps than to travel around the world. Madame Malori (actress Helen Mirren), who founded a good restaurant in a picturesque French town and dreams of a second Michelin star, simply does not tolerate surprises, there is no room for mistakes in her restaurant. So when the Kadam family, fleeing political persecution from India, settles in the neighborhood, the snobbish lady just can't stand the noise they bring. And when Indians open a restaurant - it's an unforgivable sight! Emboldened, the lady marches across the street to the neighbors to reassure them, but Madam Malori will have to repeat the hundred-step journey again and again when she discovers that the Kadam family has just a genius chef who could earn her the Michelin star of her dreams. The film, full of love for food and cooking, was created by the famous Swedish director Lasse Hallström, who was nominated for 3 Oscars and directed the wonderful films: "Chocolate", "Cider House Rules".

Venue: cinema hall (A building).