The Age of Adelaine Movie

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2023-06-21 19:00 To 20:30


Adelina (actress Blake Lively) was born in 1908. on the first day of January. When she was 29, the woman got into a car accident that changed her life forever. On that fateful evening, almighty time forgot Adeline. As the world around her changed, the woman remained the same over the years.
So that no one would learn her secret, Adelina chose solitude, telling only her beloved daughter about her immortality. For almost eighty years, the woman ran away from everyone and everything: she pushed away those who felt sympathy for her, did not engage in friendships and did not stay anywhere for a long time. But one day, Adelina meets the charismatic philanthropist Eli Jones (actor Michiel Huisman). Gradually, the mutual feelings ignited penetrate Adelina's armor. A woman decides to make a decision that will once again change her life.
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A).