Tasting with CHEF THE VIKING

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2024-01-26 18:00 To 21:00


We invite you to an extraordinary tasting with "CHEF THE VIKING" at the extraordinary location "Villa Luxuria" in Biršton.
We will not joke, only delicious meat dishes, strong drinks and Viking fire will await you. It's not just a tasting, it's a journey of flavors.

Beef Tar Tar - delicate taste of beef seasoned with fresh olive oil and wild pepper;
Pulled pork donuts - donuts are made from pulled pork smoked for 7 hours and grilled over wood, seasoned with fresh vegetables;
Assorted steaks - carefully selected and carefully prepared steaks with different flavors that will expand your map of meat tastes;
Dessert - we will end the tasting tour with an exceptional dessert that will evoke sweetness and leave pleasant memories.

Flavors will be matched with beer - each dish will be accompanied by a wonderful beer combination.

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