Tasting dinner with a Mexican theme: Summer opening

The cost of the event
Event date
2024-05-24 20:00 To 23:00


Vamos a México?

We invite you to a tasting dinner during which we will travel together to Mexico and get to know the unique tastes, rhythms, colors and sounds of this country.
This time, the joint duet of two chefs consists of the guest Žygymantas Varanauskas and the leader of our restaurant Eklektika Erikas Janerikas. Žygymantas is a chef who has accumulated many years of experience in cooking, a significant part of which he spent in the kitchens of Mexican restaurants. Getting to know the cuisine of this country means combining different tastes, finding the right balance, presenting different textures, conveying long-standing traditions.

During the dinner you will be waiting for:
A potion of confidence
A compliment from the boss
The first snack
The second snack
main course
Refreshment before dessert

The hot instrumental duo Mantas and Girmantė aka Perfect Nèmesis will play Mexican rhythms and invite you to dance on the tables.
They say that how you meet summer is what it will be, so let's meet it HOT!