Sold out. Saulius Prusaitis and Iglė

The cost of the event
26.20 - 36.20
Event date
2022-12-17 19:00 To 20:00


"The time has finally come and we are fully ready for the biggest concert tour in the history of our band", says Saulius Prūsaitis.
In December, he starts a tour of ten concerts in Lithuania. It will not surpass the smaller city halls or the big arenas of the country. Together with Saulius, Iglė is also going on tour for the first time, with whom he has just presented his third joint song, "Tas žištės".
Saulius Prūsaitis is already putting together the concert program for the upcoming tour and creating scenography. He will make sure that you see the highest quality, extremely tasteful, original show.
In his program, only hits and super hits. Next to the already legendary "Norim šokti", "39", "Vasara 3016", "Tu nemoki", "Pamela", "By the lake" and the latest duet with Igle "That feeling" are also successfully lined up.
"It's my first tour, so there's a bit of excitement. We want to reward the listener with warmth and a good time. The festive period will be magical for everyone," says Iglė.
"Igle and I have developed a student-teacher relationship for a long time. She is more than worth going on a concert tour with us," says Saulius, who performs the songs "Tu nemoki", "Tilaii eiheinu pas other" and "That feeling" together with Igle.
He is not only the creator, producer and performer of all his songs. He chooses who will appear on stage with him, he determines the course and atmosphere of the entire concert. He arranges his image and that of the musicians down to the last detail. And most importantly, he very sincerely conveys bright energy, genuine feelings and a unique approach to the world to the audience.
"You buy a ticket for thirty euros, and we give back endorphins for three hundred," he laughs.
And it's true - you can't remain indifferent to his concerts. Even if it's a bad day, even if you're not in the mood, even if you're tired of work, household and world problems, you won't think about it for at least two hours at Saulius Prusaitis' concert.