Presentation of the book "Under the Pale Lithuanian Sky" by the French traveler Jean Mokler about his travels in Lithuania

free of charge
Event date
2024-02-29 18:00 To 19:00


What kind of Lithuania did the French journalist, writer, traveler Jean Mauclere (1887-1951) who traveled in Lithuania in 1925 and 1930 see, describing his impressions vividly and in detail. How did the Lithuania of that time look to a foreigner?
February 29 6:00 p.m. meeting in Birštonas Kurhaus, B. Sruogos st. 2, at the presentation of the book "Under the Pale Lithuanian Sky" by Žan Mokler and discussion with the translator of the book, prof. Genoese Dručkutas and historian Simon Matulevičius. Journalist Valdas Puteikis will moderate the event.
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Several thoughts about Birštonas are recorded in the book of Žan Mockler:
"We go around the park and here we see the real Lithuania. Lithuanian wooden villas, carved pediments overlooking lawns and blooming balconies. Lithuanian huge birches, whose light foliage is mixed with the branches of proud firs; the Lithuanian and wide-spreading Nemunas, suddenly leaping to the side a hundred kilometers away, bursting through the hills, leaving a longing for the soon-to-be-disappeared beauty."