Presentation of Kazimierz Jakutis' new album "Baltas vilkas" together with an acoustic band

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Event date
2024-04-21 15:00 To 16:30


My songs are my life

The autumn musical tour of "White Wolf" around the cities of Lithuania has just ended, where we visited 12 places. It was amazing. Seeing that you, dear fans of my music, liked it and that there are people who want to come to my original concerts in other cities, I decided to extend the concert tour and travel to other parts of Lithuania. After all, there are certainly more of them than we visited in autumn. We will meet again in Kaunas, Jonava, Klaipėda, Palanga, Biršton, etc. - I will invite you to 11 more concerts in different Lithuanian cities and towns.
I will also make you happy (I hope that I will make you happy), because I will have with me a newly released beautifully designed CD with 14 songs newly recorded during the fall tour "White Wolf". You will be the first to buy this CD during the concerts.
See you on April 21. (Sunday), at 3 p.m., in Kurhaus (B. Sruogos St. 2, Birštonas)

Acoustic group
The acoustic composition of the group is extremely cozy and perfect for smaller spaces, where we will be able to chat, sing together, and talk from the heart. Along with me on a musical journey: Vaida Jakutienė - supporting voice, Gediminas Legas - rhythm, Aurimas Driukas - guitar, keyboards.
The most important thing is that it is very good for all of us together. And together with you, we will increase that kindness many times more.
To make Lithuania green
At the same time, with this performance of mine, I speak for the Beast, for the Bird, for the Tree. This is reflected in my new songs "White Wolf", "With Birds". I will give a growing card to everyone who came to the concert. After bringing it home, you can plant it and grow, if not a tree, then a smaller plant for sure. And I commit to planting thousands of real trees in the spring together with my concert sponsor "Lonas", which donates a tree to the forests of Lithuania for every bed purchased by customers in the Baltic countries.