Perfume evening with Edita Vigelyte

free of charge
Event date
2024-03-16 20:00 To 22:00


After receiving a lot of attention and requests to repeat, the perfumery evening on the theme of national perfumery returns to Vytautas Mineral SPA.
It is no longer necessary to ask the question "Do we have a national perfumery in Lithuania?", because we can definitely answer YES.
In this period, it makes sense to review the history, present and future insights of this way of representing the country in the world in the field of business, production, trade, artistic self-expression and professional creative activities, which was not characteristic of our country before, but has become important nowadays.
Perfumery in Lithuania from interwar Kaunas to world exhibitions in Florence and Milan, from the Florence factory to the first olfactory art gallery in the Baltic States, from the aroma "Vaiva M" to the conceptual compositions of Lithuanian fashion houses, from aromatherapy experiments to professional independent creators.
Edita Vigelytė, an educator and producer of original perfume brands, will review the colorful tour of our country's perfumery, moderate the conversation with the participants of the event and answer all the questions of the curious.
The olfactory highlights of the evening are the most interesting aromas straight from the laboratories of Lithuanian creators, one of them being the original scents of the Lobby and SPA spaces of "Vytautas Mineral SPA" created by Aištis Mickevičius.
We will taste, measure, evaluate.
The perfumes you like will be available for purchase during the event.