Pepper tasting

The cost of the event
Event date
2024-04-05 20:00 To 23:00


Unique pepper tasting in Biršton!
Forget everything you've ever heard about pepper. They have been with us since ancient times and are used almost every day, but how much do we really know about them? We invite you to a journey full of surprises in the world of pepper!
EGO SPA restaurant Eklektika chef Erik Janerik and his team will prepare a 5-course tasting dinner for guests in the evening, the dishes of which will reveal new dimensions of flavors and aromas, skillfully combined with stories about the rich history of pepper and unheard facts.
During the evening, The Mood team will introduce 7 exclusive peppers: white Penja, red Kampot, Voatsiperifery, Timur berry, Kubeb and others. From the wild Voatsiperifery to the tailed Kubeb, all these exotics will excite not only your palate and imagination, but possibly your passion. You will hear about the intricacies of growing and harvesting them, their flavors and aromas, the important and even intimate roles they played in the past.
It will leave an indelible impression on the taste receptors!
The price includes: 5 dishes, two chef's compliments and educational stories and an introduction to the world of pepper.
Advance reservation is required.
If you have allergies or other food intolerances, please let us know in advance, at the time of reservation.