Movie "Will you marry me?"

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2024-03-06 19:00 To 20:30


Hollywood stars Richard Gere and Emma Roberts in the crazy comedy Will You Marry Me?
Michelle and Allen have been a couple for quite some time. At the wedding of a couple of friends, when, as the young woman throws the bouquet, Allen involuntarily catches her so that Michelle does not catch the bouquet, the shocked and humiliated girl gives her boyfriend an ultimatum: either he finally decides on marriage or they divorce.
In order to quell the differences between them, Mišelė and Alen return to their parents' house. Soon, the girl hatches a plan: to invite her boyfriend and his parents to dinner so that Allen can see the beauty and benefits of marriage up close and finally decide on that most important step in life.
What the young couple doesn't know is that their parents' marriages are far from ideal. What's more, their parents broke their wedding vows only recently, and the height of irony is that they did it with each other! The seemingly innocent plan to finally introduce the parents is, to say the least, a bit overdue. Dinner promises to be truly unique. The only question is - will Allen be able to see the beauty of marriage in such circumstances and will he finally marry his beloved?

Venue: cinema hall (A building)