Movie "While I Waited for You"

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2024-05-24 19:00 To 20:30


Hilda Gud (actor Sigourney Weaver) can't really complain about life: a successful real estate agent who has raised three daughters in a happy marriage. Of course, it depends on which way you look at it: her husband left her for another man, her daughters are struggling financially, and the business is stalling. In a word, confusion.
Clarity and order do not really add to her life by chance, when one work order brings her together with her high school crush Frank (Kevin Kline). A man whose life (at least at first glance) is a complete loose puddle is the complete opposite of Hilda. However, as they say, old love does not rust and old feelings are slowly reborn in a woman's heart.
The only problem is that with love, other long-forgotten and buried secrets begin to surface. Things that make Hilda rethink her decisions, answer important questions and confront herself.
The place of the event is the cinema hall (A building).