Movie Trolls

free of charge
Event date
2023-04-14 16:00 To 17:30


Extravagant hairstyles, charming looks and crazy behavior promise adventures that you haven't seen in a long time! They dance, sing and have a lot of fun. These little trolls are not only cute, but also… delicious! The Troll Kingdom, famous for fun and games, is visited by very angry and hungry Bergens. These eternally dissatisfied rascals are only happy when they have… trolls in their bellies. Trolls are worried and scared, and more and more of their friends are disappearing every day. However, two of them, the ever-smiling Princess Popytė and her friend Shakius, are not going to give up. They will put up a valiant fight against the evil Bergens and bring back the lights and happy days to the troll kingdom!
Venue: cinema hall (A building)