Movie "The President"

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2024-04-18 19:30 To 21:00


Genre: Documentary.
Director: Arūnas Valinskas, Daiva Žiemytė-Bilienė, Giedrė Genevičiūtė.

For the first time, a film about one of the most outstanding personalities of Lithuania - the outgoing president Valdas Adamkės - is coming to Lithuanian cinemas. The authors of the idea of the documentary film "The President" - Daiva Žeimytė-Bilienė and Arūnas Valinskas - conducted a lifetime interview with the president in 2019, which fully reveals the personality of Valdas Adamkaus, who served as the president of Lithuania for 10 years, and his attitude to the many historical events that accompanied his life. The film was directed by Giedrė Genevičiūtė. The music was created especially for this film by the composer Gediminas Zujus. Telling his story, the president who has completed his term unexpectedly finds answers to the questions that have accompanied him throughout his life - why was V. Adamkus, who lacked family love in his childhood, able to be gentle and attentive to all the people he met on his life's path? Why does he love people so much? What does love mean to him - for his Lithuania and his Alma? Today, the president's message to his wife of bright memory, which he uttered in the film, takes on even greater significance. As a reminder to everyone, the words of Valdos Adamkaus spoken in the documentary about love for his country are also heard. What has Lithuania always meant to him? What and why did he do for her while he was in the US? Could he not run for President of the Republic of Lithuania?
The audience will be surprised not only by the human side of Valdos Adamkaus, but also by his ability to cunningly but diplomatically navigate difficult political and geopolitical situations.
In the film, the president tells how he managed to get a permit to come to Lithuania during the Soviet era and why former German Chancellor Angela Merkel apologized for him?
The documentary "The President" is the story of a leader who is one of us, which allows us to understand how truly human a head of state can be.