Movie Robots

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2024-01-10 19:00 To 20:30


Have you ever gone on a first date and dreamed of being cooler, wittier, more considerate, and generally better in every way than you actually are? In the futuristic comedy "Robots" it is a reality! As technology improves, people can order an exact copy of themselves, superior to themselves in every way.
Although the robots are designed to be great domestic helpers, Eleina and Charles (actors Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall) take a creative approach and decide to use their minions in an attempt to avoid the clumsiness, awkwardness and sweaty palms of first dates.
The robots successfully complete their mission - twist each other's heads. However, when they themselves suddenly realize that they are in love, the second-timers steal the identities of their masters and grease their skis. Elaine and Charles have no choice but to team up and go after them in order to get the rebels back. Of course, they are nowhere near their perfect mechanical counterparts, so sweaty palms, discomfort, irritation, constant arguments, and much more await them on the journey.
Summer will kick off with a really generous dose of hearty laughs and comedy Robots! See it in theaters already on June 9.

Venue: cinema hall (A building)