Movie "Listen to your heart"

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2024-04-05 19:00 To 20:30


The love story of the film "Message in a Bottle" that moved the world drew the attention of Hollywood to the young writer Nichol Sparks. Five years later, the film "Notebook" based on his next novel established the writer's status as an unparalleled narrator of love stories. "Dear John" and "Forever Yours" are the most romantic adaptations of his recent books, and now another story of love that overcomes all obstacles is coming to the cinema screens - "Listen to your heart". Travis lives a simple, quiet life in a cozy beach town. A man works at a job he likes, has a cozy home, a small circle of reliable and loyal friends - the only thing missing for complete happiness is someone with whom to share all of this. Everything changes when a charming girl Gabi moves into the neighboring house.
Venue: cinema hall (A building).