Movie Contagion

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2023-03-06 19:00 To 20:30


Based on the script by Scott Z. Burns and filmed in various corners of the planet (Macau, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, London, Geneva, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong), the film tells about a new virus that suddenly broke out and spread at lightning speed, and the general fear, arising from not knowing how to fight it.
Bird and swine flu, which have recently scared people, look like a funny infection compared to this new virus. The infection of the new virus spreads through the air or is transmitted by touching an infected person. The virus kills the patient in a few days, and in order to survive, it is recommended not to touch anything or even talk to anyone.
In order to overcome this deadly virus, the best doctors in the world are joining forces. However, they also seem lost and helpless this time: there is no vaccine against this virus, and no one knows how to treat the infected. Meanwhile, ordinary people are trying to survive in a collapsing society where panic spreads faster than the virus itself...

Venue: cinema hall (A building).