Movie "Altitude Club"

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2023-06-16 19:00 To 20:30


Phil (actor Steve Carell) feels like a fish in water in the glittering world of cinema. A single word from this well-known, influential and respected Hollywood agent can make or break careers, turn ideas into results and dreams into reality. At the request of his sister, Phil takes care of his nephew Bobby (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who came from New York to Los Angeles, eager to establish himself in this forge of dreams. Phil's secretary Vane (Kristen Stewart), who has long since left the naive glorification of Hollywood in the past, contributes to the boy's care. The girl quickly cools Bobby's admiration as well, showing the guy that not all that glitters is gold. An intelligent and savvy young man learns quickly and, having decided that it is better to be a sparrow in a handful, he returns to New York, where he begins to manage the club "Cafe Society" owned by his mobster brother. Is this the life he always wanted? Will the Hollywood bacillus and the experience and life lessons gained in Los Angeles allow Bobby to get rid of his childhood naivety and see reality as it is?
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A)