Movie "About My Father"

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2024-01-19 19:00 To 20:30


A holiday weekend with the parents of his beloved Elle (Leslie Bibb) seems like a great opportunity for Sebastian (Sebastian Maniscalco) to propose, but the boy's conscience begins to gnaw at the fact that after his mother's death, his father Salvo (Robert De Niro) will be left to celebrate alone for the first time. Ele immediately offers to take his father along, but Sebastian is convinced that Italian immigrant Salvo, who has a strong opinion on all life issues and does not shy away from expressing it, will find it difficult to fit in with Ele's parents' family. And it soon turns out that Sebastian was right.
Salvo, who had to earn everything with his own hands, is simply stunned when he gets into the possessions of an extremely rich American family. Here he does not understand many things: from fabulous luxury, exaggerated display of mutual feelings to arrogant peacocks walking freely everywhere. Of course, Salvo seems no less exotic to Ele's family, who are used to a completely different life style and philosophy. Not surprisingly, as the holiday progresses, the contact between two completely different cultures heats up until it ends in real fireworks of misunderstandings. As befits the 4th of July.
Hailed as America's Hottest Comedian by the New York Times, Italian-American stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is far from new to comedy, with five of his hour-long shows available on Netflix. Mostly joking about his origins and everyday life as an Italian immigrant, Sebastian now brings his jokes to the big screen with a bang.
Venue: cinema hall (A building)