Michel Or Perfumery Matrix: Myths, Facts and Discoveries

free of charge
Event date
2024-05-04 20:00 To 21:00


Meeting Michel Or: perfumer, theater director, gourmet, traveler, founder of the conceptual perfume brand REMARC.
In November 2023, an inspiring and fragrant friendship began in Riga. The meeting of perfumer Michel Or with the residents of the Latvian capital was friendly supported by "Vytautas Mineral SPA". Already then we started dreaming about an aroma event in Lithuania. And now it's already May 4. we invite you to a perfumery evening.

What to expect:
The more than 4,000-year history of the coexistence of humanity and aromas - through the eyes of a professional perfumer. Unknown facts, events, discoveries.

Modern perfumery: hygiene tool or luxury attribute? Status symbol or work of art?

Secrets of the perfumer's laboratory: how perfumes are constructed and who is today's "Mr. Nose" - artist, chemist, entrepreneur?

You and the vast world of perfumery - all the questions you'd like to ask a perfume professional and detailed, intriguing answers.

Tasting of REMARC creations and author's advice for perfume lovers. The aromas you like will be available for purchase during the event.

About the guest:
Michel Or (Mišel Or) is a professional dermatologist, cosmetologist, founder of the cosmetics company ProMe / Cosmetics /Professional Skin Treatment (Israel).

Perfumer, aroma architect, author of conceptual designer perfume company REMARC (London, GB).

Theater director, patron of art events, who spent a large part of his life in Odesa (Ukraine) and Tel Aviv, Israel, lives in London since 2021, runs the professional cosmetics company ProMe, experiments with fragrances in a small creative laboratory, the most successful of which he releases under the REMARC by Michel Or label .

Actively interested in culinary traditions of various countries and cultures, travels a lot, collecting impressions and experiences.

The guest will speak in Russian and will be translated into Lithuanian.