Meeting with Lucina Rimgaile

free of charge
Event date
2024-05-15 19:00 To 20:00


We kindly invite you to a meeting with an entrepreneur, opinion maker, cook, manager of dessert bakery "Liu Patty", founder of the community "GaLiu moteris", wife, mother Liucina Rimgaile.
According to Lucina, she is first and foremost a mother and her current schedule is coordinated primarily with the rhythm of her son's life. The birth of Oskar and the creation of a family introduced important changes, but did not imprison him in a closed daily routine. As the fundamental questions of being, the meaning and purpose of life intensified, the attempt to re-understand, "Who am I?", what are my relationships with others, after resisting the temptation to compare with the lives of others, came the clarity that women too often underestimate their capabilities and achievements. This led to the creation of a community of GaLiu women, women who, while enjoying Liu Patty desserts, made by the hands of dedicated chefs, for everyone who loves cupcakes, cakes, pastries made from natural products, who do not tolerate gluten, lactose or egg white, who do not believe in the myth that eating sweets without exception is the cause of overweight. Lucina starts the morning with coffee and a sweet cake, the real breakfast, after the families get up, is not sweet. The discovered Japanese ikigai philosophy helped to learn to enjoy the morning and enjoy the day.
At the "GaLiu Women" gatherings, conversations about self-realization, meaningful activities, different interests and aspirations for change are supported precisely by the ikigai philosophy, where Iki (生き) refers to life, and Kai (甲斐) is understood as realizing what you want. Ikigai helps to find the individual reason and meaning of existence. A Japanese proverb says, "Only by being busy do you wish to live forever."
At the meeting with L. Rimgaile, we will talk not only about topical, deep life issues, about projects and desires, but also about cooking, which sweetens the days and gives us energy. Lucina, often referred to as the queen of cupcakes, has published three books: "Become the queen of cupcakes: 25 unique, especially delicious cupcake recipes", "20 perfect cheesecakes", "Sweet days with LIU: inspirations that make us happy".
We invite you to an open, warm, sincere conversation with the charismatic LUCINA RIMGAILE. It will be interesting and delicious.