Legendary legends Orestes and Jilda Vaigauskas

The cost of the event
22.00 - 26.00
Event date
2024-02-15 19:00 To 20:00


The musical revue "Legendinės legendos" is a humorous musical show consisting of separate stand-up comedy and musical numbers.

In this show, the duo of ORESTO AND ŽILDA VAIGAUSKų (Ineta Stasiulytė and Aistis Mickevičius) will reveal all the secrets from the life of the legendary couple! "Actually, in practice, we have inspired the entire Lithuanian stage, with our unrestrained sexual energy, our interesting, bohemian life, so you will learn the real truth about the emergence of golden hits," reveals Orestas Vaigauskas.

"Many famous Lithuanian songs, now very popular, originate from phrases we once said!" That's why we invite you to this concert, so that you can finally learn the whole truth with the smallest and most intimate details! Oh, how much you still don't know, people...", says Jilda Vaigauskienė.

We promise, the evening will be unique!

Accompanied by: Mindaugas Putna. Sound director: Darius Stanaitis. Makeup: Kristina Šavelė, Zoja Vyliaudienė.