Lauris Amantovs Jazz Quartet

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2024-02-03 19:00 To 20:30


The trombone is a rare guest on the JazzCellar11 stage. and all preconceived notions about this instrument will be shattered when you hear how many nuances, shades and technical possibilities this instrument has. With a wide range of colors, the trombone beautifully captures the essence of both classic jazz and modern jazz.
Viktors Ritovs, Lauris Amantovs, Andris Grunte and Artis Orubs - these are undoubtedly some of the best Latvian jazz musicians making up tonight's jazz quartet. The repertoire of this ensemble includes both well-known and beloved jazz standards as well as original compositions masterfully arranged by the ensemble members in different styles, from bebop to jazz rock, from blues to swing. Preserving and nurturing the rich and deep traditions and nuances of jazz, they demonstrate a high level of interplay and synergy by embellishing each piece with masterful solo improvisations.