Koliažinė opera „Mažvydas“

The cost of the event
23.20 - 38.20
Event date
2023-11-03 19:00 To 21:00


At the request of the audience, the highly rated "Mažvydo" drama is returning to the big stages, based on Just. Marcinkevičius. For the latest tour of Lithuania, an exceptional creative group and the actors and performers loved by the audience are reuniting: Vladas Bagdonas, Giedrius Arbačiauskas, Monika Marija, Mantas Jankavičius, Jovita Vaškevičiūtė, Rokas Laureckis, Rokas Spalinskas, Joana Gedmintaitė, Dovilė Kazonaitė and other famous faces.
The "Lietuva" project of the Ensemble has been receiving undivided attention from the audience for the fourth year already - after the performances, positive impressions and thanks are shared, they even travel to the performances several times, and those who did not have the opportunity to see "Mažvydo" are encouraged to repeat the big tours of the country again. Fans of the musical theater and writer of bright memories were not indifferent to the suggestive text, heart-wrenching arias, inspiring stories of heroes and music combining various styles.
"I really did not expect that you would change the entire identity of the ensemble "Lietuva" like this. And singers, and actors, and Lithuanian music - such a connection, I'm not talking about our historical aspects. Various people have gathered here and you are changing our understanding and attitude towards the ensemble. And yet such a new, modern newcomer, I just want to congratulate and be very happy for you", President Dalia Grybauskaitė, who watched the collage opera, was also impressed.
"How do we hope to touch the hearts of the audience again?" All teams with honest work. The emotion, the word and the depth of that word are important here. The theme of Mažvyd is the natural things of Lithuanians, the eternal theme of exile. This inspires the belief that the actions of one person determine the existential future of the entire nation. There are personalities and creators in our nation who are worthy of the attention of the global audience", - the collage opera director Kęstutis Stasys Jakštas is confident.
This program of the initiator of the project - the state ensemble "Lietuva" is one of the attempts to touch the classics, opening it up and making it our own, understandable and close to the largest circle of viewers. The collage genre unites various musical styles on the basis of classical opera, so the opera "Mažvydas" combined the sound of national and symphony orchestra string instruments, brass and electronic music, music characteristic of movies and the style of popular music.
The patron of the project is President Valdas Adamkus. The premiere was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence and Just. Marcinkevičius' 90th birthday.

State Ensemble "Lithuania"

Mažvydas - Vladas Bagdonas / Giedrius Arbačiauskas
Mažvyda's beloved Marija - Monika Marija / Dovilė Kazonaitė
Kasparas son of Mažvydas - Mantas Jankavičius / Rokas Spalinskas
Mažvydas' stepson Kristupas is Rokas Laureckis
Mažvyda's wife Benigna - Jovita Vaškevičiūtė / Joana Gedmintaitė
Saulius Vasiliauskis, a Lutheran priest, Vilentas cousin of Mažvydas
Monk-inquisitor - Martynas Žukauskas

The director is Kęstutis Stasys Jakštas
The author of the libretto and script is Arnas Ališauskas
Composer - Jonas Jurkūnas
Set designer - Gintaras Makarevičius
Costume designer - Olga Filatova-Kontrimienė
Choreographer - Aušra Krasauskaitė
Projection artist - Rimas Sakalauskas
Light artist - Audrius Jankauskas