Juozas Erlickas "Blue Stop"

Event date
2024-02-07 19:00 To 20:30


Participates in:
Juozas Erlickas (vocals)
Vytautas Mikeliūnas (violin)
Daumantas Slipkus (piano)

People are upset: is it possible that not only sleeping, but also yawning is forbidden at concerts? Is it true that the number of viewers is being reduced, and then some more?
And the most important thing - won't you have to listen during the concert?
Unfortunately, such corrections have already been prepared. We live in times of increasing insurance pressure.
But Juozas always resisted coercion. Therefore, this program is also free. We want to go to the concert. And we don't want to - we sit at home.
The style of clothing is casual. Black suits are not required for men and dresses are not required for women. Workers can be with combinations, and peasants - with forks.
We also behave freely in the hall. We talk on the phone or with a neighbor... Juozas will also talk on stage. Is it possible for one, but not for others?
Of course, you can sing during the concert. Just no "And now we're all together!" Everyone sings what they like.
We act like at home, unless someone starts screaming.
But who will scream there... Joozas has said: "Everything is fine, except chopping with an ax."
And no "Repeat!..." Sleep at work.
The number of viewers is not limited, although Juozas repeatedly consoled himself quietly: "Why do I have to serve twice as many viewers as others?" However, speaking on "ATM info", he promised not to complain to the Equal Rights Commission. "I guess that's my karma," Maestro sighed sadly.
The natural duration of the concert is to the end. But a free program can easily turn into a shortcut. It's up to you:
- Skate, Jooz!...
Of course, freedom is not only for the audience, but also for the artists! Therefore, we cannot say anything about the content of the program. As they will, they will do.
So, if Juozas starts singing in the morning, he may not appear in the evening. Does this mean the concert will not take place? By no means! After all, people rarely meet each other. They will dance and sing on their own... Without an outside eye. Everyone will be happy and thankful for the opportunity.
Thus, in these times of global bans and restrictions, "Free Program - Blue Stop" will bring refreshment to everyone's soul.