Interactive musical comedy "Pranksters"

The cost of the event
22.00 - 26.00
Event date
2024-05-09 19:00 To 20:30


A different theater presents: the interactive musical comedy "The Wits" based on the legendary songs of the band Boney M.
The author and director of the play is R. Cicėnas.
Costume designer – K. Bukauskaitė.
Acting, dancing, singing: R. Valiukaitė, T. Vaškevičiūtė / O. Kunsunga, G. Urniežiūtė, A. Storpirštis.
The Wits Theater is coming to your town to perform a musical in the evening. Unfortunately, one of the main actresses gets into a car accident and will not be able to act. However, the performance must take place, otherwise not only the careers of the actors and technical staff, but also the very existence of the theater hangs in the balance! A matter of life or death! Will the troupe manage to find a solution? Will legendary music overcome intrigue, jealousy and secret love?
Come and make sure that there are (not) miracles!!!