I'm Alive Movie

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2023-10-03 19:30 To 21:30


Genre: Comedy. Made in: Lithuania. Distributor: UAB "Stambus planas".
Director: Robertas Kuliūnas. Starring: Leonardas Pobedonoscevs, Milda Noreikaitė, Andrius Žiurauskas.
Showing in cinemas from 09/29/2023. Duration: 1 hour and 40 min. Census: N-13. 7-12 years old children must be accompanied by an adult. The film is in Lithuanian, without subtitles.

Forty-year-old Tomas Papartis (actor Leonardas Pobedonoscev) is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. One day, a system error officially declares him dead. This means that the bank cards no longer work, the apartment is handed over to the state, and the person is as if he did not exist. This is where Tom's fight for proof that he is alive begins! Two friends rush to his aid - Artūras (actor Andrius Žiurauskas) and Justina (actress Milda Noreikaitė), who advise that the only weapon in the fight against the bureaucracy is publicity. And its best manifestation is the mayoral elections. Tom and his friends get involved in an advertising campaign for the mayoral election. Will Tom succeed in winning the post of mayor? Will it be possible to find out who declared him dead? Will he prove that he is alive? Or maybe the unexpected love between Tom and Justina will celebrate the victory...?