Holistic Self Weekend Retreat

The cost of the event
Event date
2023-02-24 To 2023-02-26


The intention of the retreat "Holistic Self" is truly noble and full of devotion, as a comprehensive guidance of Man to the knowledge of self-integrity - the salvation of the mind, the liberation of the body, the recognition of the soul, and the meaning of the whole in the spiritual projection of Man.
In a unique seclusion, surrounded by unique nature, you will be consciously accompanied by a guide full of the energy of divine love - Alfreda Medhanadi, and your consciousness will witness the transformations.
The retreat is ideally balanced with informative, practical and entertaining content. Let it be nourishment for your body, soul and spirit.
Retreat Program:
17:00 The doors of the Panemunis homestead are opened. Establishment
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Getting to know each other, spiritual integration into the retreat
21:00 Harmony of sounds of gong and Tibetan bowls
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Satsang. Spiritual communication in the flow of the highest and limitless consciousness. Satsang will be supported by the main themes and their guidelines: self-love (personal recognition of the authenticity of the soul, liberation from limiting beliefs, anger, stagnation, in other words, harmonizing body and mind), relationships, financial abundance, opportunities for enlightenment of the mind, etc. Questions - answers
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Meditation "Deep into Yourself"
Free time and opportunity for personal consultations or energy sessions
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Healing, body-nourishing recreational, experiential sauna and hot tub therapy
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Reiki Circle Meditation: "Alchemy of body, spirit, soul"
11:00 Answers and initiation of the energy of Divine Love in the flow of the highest and boundless consciousness
13:30 Lunch and closing of the retreat
Free time and opportunity for personal consultations or energy sessions.
What is it worth to you?
You will be able to understand your essence and presence in the existing body;
The direction and purpose of your Soul guidance will become clear;
Personal patterns of cause and effect will be clarified;
Self-healing processes in the physical and subtle bodies will be connected;
You will grow spiritually and expand your consciousness.
We will develop relationship topics through various relationship models and perspectives.
You may experience the death of primitiveness, spiritual rebirth and awakening of consciousness.
It will be an oasis of peace for the body, awakening for the mind, liberation for the senses, refreshment for the soul, and a gift for the spirit.
The retreat will be led by Alfreda Medhanadi, spiritual guide of souls and fellow traveler. Her pastoral care takes place in the highest and limitless stream of consciousness, so ATTENTION! - the number of participants in the retreat is limited, so that everyone can have personal time!