Hiking trip "LMNtorius Mountaineering"

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2021-10-23 09:03 To 18:30


For challenging hikers, we offer three different golden autumn routes near Birštonas, in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. Let's meet at the Lithuanian wooden Gothic masterpiece - Nemajūnai Church and onwards!
The peaks of the mounds adorning the autumn, the yellow-framed bends of the Nemunas, the swampy Šilėngirė, the impressive banks of the Verknė, the stunning outcrops, the spring-fed ravines and the ravines await you. As befits an elemental climber, we will agree with the hills, the names of which pay homage to Vytautas, Ginkus, Baltas, Pelėšiškės, Babroniai, Aštrusis kalnai…
Routes - 15, 21 or 32 km.
It is not necessary to specify the length of the selected route when purchasing a ticket. The joint group with the guide will travel the long 32 km route, but there will be an opportunity to shorten it independently on the specified simple routes.
The number of tickets and participants may be limited as a result of such SAM requirements.
Who? - Cognitive hiking
Where? - The territory of Birštonas municipality
Where to start? - near Nemajūnai church, Birštonas mun.
How to arrive / return? - individually (if you can, find passengers during the event discussion).
What? - hike ŽIEDINIS (we will return to the starting place), friendly for socialized pets
When does it start? - Saturday, October 23, 9 p.m. 3 min.
When will it end? - around 6 p.m. 30 min.
Food, snacks and water? - supplies
What distances? - 15, 21 or 32 km
What routes? - map out, unmarked and almost unseen, choosing a shorter route will require you to orient yourself.
Routes? - we will post here before the hike
Difficulty - 5 points (out of 10) - forest and field roads, public roads, forest quarter lines, manholes, wetlands, mud, steep slopes.
How to register? - by clicking "attend" and purchasing a ticket
How much? - for children - free of charge *, for adults - 5 euros *, 7 euros * from 18 October. (or after selling all discounted tickets), € 12 * from 22 October.
How to pay? -
Discounts? - 30 tickets with a 2EUR discount (code MINUS2), we will also issue a hiking passport with the first stamp indicating the number of kilometers covered!
* minors are welcome on the hike only with accompanying adults
No special preparation is required for the hike, but clothing suitable for the hike and hiking or at least sturdy footwear are required.
Registration - by clicking on "I will participate", I register for this hike and at the same time confirm that I know that it will take place in wet and / or difficult to pass places, I confirm that my (and my accompanying minors') health and well-being is good, I am responsible for my own safety during the hike and I will not make any claims to the organizers. I know that alcohol (or other chemicals) are not allowed during the hike.
For public information purposes, the trip will be filmed and / or photographed, so you can be seen in photos or videos. Photos and / or videos can be published on the website of the event organizers, social networks, other media, public exhibitions.