Health promotion program "Healthier rhythm"

free of charge
Event date
2024-06-04 18:00 To 19:00


May 16 18:00
Lecture with a physiotherapist and exercise

May 21 18:00
Lecture with a physiotherapist and exercise

May 23 18:00
Lecture with a nutritionist

May 28 18:00
Lecture with a nutritionist

May 30 18:00
Cooking class

June 4 18:00
Lecture with a psychologist and relaxation

The "Healthy rhythm" program is a month-long program designed to dispel myths about healthy eating and exercise and at the same time inspire a healthier lifestyle.
The program welcomes all adult residents of the Kaunas district, both those who want to improve their well-being, gain knowledge and more motivation, and those who already have chronic diseases or overweight problems. The classes are conducted by specialists with many years of work experience: healthy lifestyle specialists, a physiotherapist, and a psychologist, who will convey their knowledge in a structured and detailed manner.
Also, the program is intended for individuals who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases.
During classes on healthy nutrition, the principles of wholesome and balanced nutrition will be presented, participants will be taught how to choose high-quality and healthier food products and not get lost in the abundance of products, and they will also learn to plan their own menus. Great attention will be paid to identifying and eliminating emotional eating problems. During the nutrition session, participants will learn the ins and outs of cooking healthy food - this session aims to dispel another myth that healthy food is unpalatable or very complicated. Usually, during this activity, participants connect with family members and cook together.
During classes with a physiotherapist, residents will be introduced to the impact of physical activity on health, mood, immunity and even stress levels. Participants will be encouraged to create a plan for increasing physical activity, to set motivating goals. If necessary, each participant will be counseled personally.
During a session with a psychologist, stress management, relaxation and relaxation techniques are taught.
Program classes are conducted remotely.
Classes will be held from May 14. Tuesdays-Thursdays 6:00 p.m. remotely.

Registration: The number of places is limited! Please check availability for all sessions before registering.