Group 2 - Memories / Concert tour with live band

The cost of the event
25.00 - 35.00
Event date
2024-02-21 19:00 To 20:20


Group 2 - Karolis and Donatas - performers and creators Karolis Akulavičius and Donatas Balvočius, who have been working on the stage for decades and are well known by fans of different generations.

"Some evening", "You sat next to me", "Well, what about you now?", "From my heart", "How much..." "It doesn't matter to me", "A pilot's dream", "Do you want to love?" ", "Unfinished Story" - this is definitely not a complete list of time-tested and loved songs. Songs you want everyone to hum, dance and sing along to. How about no new songs? They will also be heard at Group 2's concerts!

With their charisma and amazing voices, the duo will present an unforgettable evening of songs that have already become hits!

Together with us: Karolis Žioltikovas – guitar, Kęstutis Radavičius – bass guitar and Evaldas Sidaras – drums.