Festival of children's and youth theaters "Island of Feelings"

free of charge
Event date
2024-04-26 To 2024-04-28


Children's and youth theater festival - laboratory of creative explorations "Island of Feelings 2024"

April 26

12:00 Vilnius theater "DOLL" - "The Spider's Wedding", based on the poem by J. Marcinkevičius. Director A. Mikutis.
14:00 Jurbarkas Cultural Center Youth Theater "VAIVORYKŠTE" - "The moon has a face". Author S. Smirnova, director B. Šneiderienė.

April 27
12:00 Birštonas nursery-kindergarten "VYTURĖLIS" teacher's theater - "How Vyturėlis awakened spring". S. Bronikaitė, directors L. Bagdonaitė and R. Ulinskienė.
13:00 Creative education of folk artist V. Radzevičius "Clay mirage" and "Colorful educational activities".
14:00 Plungė Cultural Center Theater "SAULA" - "Cunning Cat", according to Š. Pero's tale "Puss in Boots". Directors S. and R. Matuliai.
15:00 Creative laboratory of the applied theater "4Rooms" improv theater.
16:00 Prienii Cosmology Center performance "Astronomy, aromatherapy and sensory education".

April 28
11:00 Panevėžys Puppet Carriage Theater - "Puppet Circus". Authors and directors I. Ignatenko and S. Alochinas
13:00 Birštonas kurhaus (B. Sruogos str. 2) Klojimo Theater of the Lithuanian House of Culture in Punska and children's theater "KREGŽDUTĖ" - "The girl is looking for a fairy tale". R. Skučaitė. Director J. Malinauskaitė–Vektorienė.