Exhibition of students' competitive works "The Tale of a Horse"

free of charge
Event date
2024-02-06 To 2024-03-06


"The Tale of a Horse" is an exhibition of competitive works by students and their teachers of Birštonas, Šakių district and Jurbarkas A. Sodeika art schools, which has just arrived at us. In the colors and plots, the authors discuss the friendship, attachment, vigor, and strength of a horse and a human.
Is there a mention of a horse in the Holy Scriptures? Oh yes.
"A horse is saddled for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord" (Proverbs 21, 31)
"It is not the size of an army that protects a king, it is not great power that saves a warrior. Expecting victory from horses is a vain hope; whatever trots, they cannot save. Surely the Lord protects those who reverently fear him and trust in his faithful love." (Psalm 33, 16-18)

Students of the art department of Birštonas School of Art:
Liepa Akelytė, Adrija Januškevičiūtė, Milda Kaminskaitė, Akvilė Jakaitytė, Indra Jančiauskaitė, Austėja Raudonikytė. The students' teacher is Remigijus Janušaitis.

Art students of Šakiai district art school:
Raminta Bacevičiūtė, Viltė Bakytė, Dijana Dailydaitė, Vytaitė Ažukaitė, Angelika Povilaitytė-Graurova, Agnė Sukackaitė. Lolita Rūgytė, teacher of the students.

Jurbarkas A. Sodeika School of Art students:
Viltė Ušinksaitė, Emilija Golubovskaja, Mindaugas Dėdinskas, Skaiva Marcinkutė, Neringa Riaukaitė, Rasa Baravykaitė. Inesa Bosaitė, the teacher of the students.