Exhibition of paintings by Lolita Rūgytė

free of charge
Event date
2024-01-12 To 2024-01-14


About the author
Lolita Rūgytė -
in 1964 was born in Shakai;
in 1987 graduated from S. Žuk's technical school of applied art;
in 1994 graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts;
Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists, member of LDUD.
His biography includes over 30 personal and over 80 group exhibitions. She lives in Šakiai, works as the head of the art department at the Šakiai Art School, is a painter, has created illustrations for several poetry books, and is a set designer for the Zanavykė Theater.

A few thoughts on creativity:
All I wanted to do was paint. Nothing in life has given or gives more satisfaction than the moment when I pick up a brush, dabble in paint and dive into that strange river of creativity. I often work impulsively, listening to my intuition. Sometimes I mature the idea for a long time, several years, sometimes, after being impressed, I implement it very quickly.
The topics are very diverse - from biblical characters to old, abandoned, crumbling mansions and buildings. Nature, man, deep inner experience inspires. Sometimes I get a state, as if I am not in reality, but in some kind of visionary world where there is no sense of matter, there are only certain fluids, shapes, flows of colors. My hand is guided by a strange invisible force, and I just surrender to it.