Eva Mili's painting exhibition "Oak Farm"

free of charge
Event date
2024-05-26 12:00 To 22:00


A little four-year-old boy named Äžuolas lives on the farm next to Kazlų Rūda. He gets along well with several dozen animals kept on the farm and has many responsibilities - herding the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the goats and sheep, and taking care of the pony.
I worked on the painting series "Oak Farm" for four years. I painted with oil paints on canvas, one-layer painting (wet on wet) technique. The first paintings of the series were painted with brushes, later I replaced the brushes with painting spatulas.
From a distance, my paintings look quite realistic, as if creating a living image. However, when you get closer, another perspective opens up: everything becomes an illusion, only rough strokes are visible.

Opening of the exhibition on April 27. 14:00.