Children's summer camp "Experience an adventure"

The cost of the event
200.00 - 220.00
Event date
2023-06-18 To 2023-06-21


These 5 active days at a natural campsite in the Nemunas kilpai regional park, far from city noise and technology, will help children immerse themselves in camp life. Here, many activities are adapted to the age and physical fitness of the children.
Camp participants will swim and play, archery, attempt to overcome mountain climbing and obstacle courses, go hiking, paddleboard and kayak, build campfires and try to cook, tie knots and bracelets, creatively solve tasks, sing and talk by the evening campfire.
Encouraged and under the care of experienced leaders, together with teammates, children will experience adventures, and by overcoming challenges, they will develop independence and self-confidence. Movement in the fresh air will give you new skills and joyful experiences, gradually creating a connection with nature and yourself.