Cartoon "Winged Heroes"

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2024-03-12 17:30 To 19:00


Welcome to the world of Winged Heroes!
Jet the jet and his best friends Donny, Dizzy and Jerome are cheerful winged travelers delivering various parcels for children even to the farthest corners of towns. However, one fine day, the smooth work of their team is disturbed by the treacherous villain Billy the Willy, whose only ambition is to cause as much chaos as possible on earth with the help of various robots. The fate of all people now depends only on the courage and speed of Jet and his team members!
Will they be able to defeat the enemy in time? Starting on February 16, we embark on a colorful adventure together with the revived SUPER WINGS toys in the movie "Winged Heroes".
The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.
Director: Jeong Gil-hoon