Cartoon "Space Friends"

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2024-02-17 17:00 To 18:30


On that fateful day, sixteen-year-old Norman was sipping iced tea as usual before class. But this time he also drank something completely unusual and magical with his tea: three microscopic aliens with their entire spaceship! The aliens, sent to earth by the evil space lord Zoltard, get used to their new environment - Norman's brain - and decide to make contact with the boy. At first, of course, Norman thinks he's gone a little out of his mind, but he slowly makes friends with the strange space friends in his head. However, the games will have to wait: it turns out that Zoltard has also taken over the brain of the school's headmistress. His goal is to take over the school and then the whole Earth! With the help of Norman and his friends, the little brains will have to use all their wisdom, abilities and courage to stop the headmistress and Zoltard.
The Lithuanian-dubbed movie for the whole family "Cosmic Friends" is in cinemas from January 19.

Director: Paul Meyer, Gerhard Painter
Starring: Bonko Khoza, Roberto Pombo, Chris van Rensburg