Captain Phillips Movie

free of charge
Event date
2022-09-21 19:00 To 20:30


The film is based on real events.
In 2009, the cargo ship "MV Maersk Alabama" with a crew of 20 people was sailing towards Kenya under the flag of the United States. On April 9, four young Somalis (aged 17-19) approached him in a speedboat. Of course, these were modern-day pirates. And the Alabama became the first American ship hijacked by pirates in more than 200 years.
From Borno, The Green Zone and Flight 93 creator Paul Greengrass comes a tense action drama set four years ago. Seeing the approaching pirates, the ship's captain Richard Phillips (actor Tom Hanks) hides his crew and is himself taken prisoner. Next, the tape tells about the confrontation between the captain and the leader of the pirates. Both with their own goals and worldviews, trying to navigate the situation, the men soon realize that their destinies are affected not only by their own decisions, but also by much more powerful and not always understood political and economic interests.
Venue: cinema hall (A building)