Cabaret "Enchanted Garden"

The cost of the event
15.00 - 35.00
Event date
2024-04-12 22:00 To 23:50


Rippling colors and unseen creatures of nature. Here, all the inhabitants are charming and enchanted. They will gently seduce and lure you into their home, where spring is brighter and reality is unreal. It's the kind of garden that's magical, immersive, strange, and makes you want to stay longer.
Residents of the garden:
- Miss Plastica,
- Hello Dawn,

The list is being completed!
Before the event, we invite you to have dinner in our restaurant Eklektika.

15 EUR for a seat,
25 EUR for a seat at the table,
35 EUR for a seat at a table, close to the stage.
Tickets will be expensive!