Bathing in the women's sauna "VasaRojuje"

The cost of the event
50.00 - 55.00
Event date
2024-04-27 10:00 To 15:00


Those who miss female companionship, are tired of everyday running and want to take time for themselves, we invite you to bathe in the women's sauna " VasaRoju ".
In the sauna, we will enjoy the aromas of the fragrant herbs of the Lithuanian meadows, we will feel the enveloping, warm and cozy steam.
We will clean our bodies with a salt scrub with organic ingredients and we will enjoy a fragrant bath massage and be nourished with a honey mask.
We will use an organic clay mask for the facial skin and revive it with Spanish aloe juice ice and natural hydrolats.
During breaks, we will learn about natural hydrolats, learn how to make a body salt scrub and a natural clay mask for the face.
We will be in a small group of up to 6 participants.
Those who wish to participate are invited to fill out the registration form:
Additional information:
[email protected]
Price: EUR 55.00 per person or EUR 50.00 each if you enjoy sauna bathing with a friend (reservation is confirmed after full payment)
on April 27, 10:00-15:00
"VasaRojus" - Parko st. 3A, LT-59450 Jundeliškės (7 km from Birštonas)
The course of our meeting:
10:00-10:30 we gather, prepare for the sauna, get to know each other and sip herbal tea,
10:30-11:00 we calm down, return to the here and now with our breath,
11:00-14:00 we enjoy sauna bathing,
14:00-15:00 we change clothes after the sauna, have a light snack and say goodbye.

Have with you:
Sauna clothes and hat - we recommend the most natural fabric,
Slippers and a robe,
If you don't have anything, don't worry - we will prepare linen cloths for dressing up and free sauna hats, towels and blankets for covering yourself.
We will serve fresh well water, meadow herb tea and homemade delicacies.
Evelina will meet you and accompany you during the breaks, and the sauna attendant Laura will accompany you in the sauna.