Baltic Guitar Festival 2024

Event date
2024-06-13 To 2024-06-16


In 2009, members of the Baltic Guitar Quartet started organizing the international Baltic Guitar Festival. While performing abroad and participating in various festivals, the quartet often visits the performances of other guitar performers who have never performed in the Baltic countries. Observing the work of other guitar performers, the musicians came up with the idea of organizing concerts in the Baltic countries and presenting the world's best guitar virtuosos, whose performances would be a source of inspiration for guitarists and classical guitar lovers. In addition, it aims to give the guitar its rightful place in the classical music scene. For several years now, the classical guitar festival has been held in Birštonas Kurhaus, where the classical guitar has been playing since the 19th century.
The following artists have already visited the festival: Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (USA), Bandini Chiacchiaretta duo (Italy), Roland Dyens (France), Amadeus Duo (Germany and Canada), Luz de Luna (Belgium), Irina Kulikova (Russia / Holland), Daniel Marques (Brazil), Thibault Cauvin (France), Dimitris Regginos (Kirps), Paolo Devecchi and Salvatore Seminara (Italy), Judicaël Perroy (France), Eden Stell Guitar Duo (Great Britain), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Raphaella Smits (Belgium), Vladislav Bláha (Czech Republic), Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic), Lukasz Kuropaczewski (Poland), Anabel Montesinos (Spain), Costas Cotsiolis (Greece), Laura Young (Canada), Edin Karamazov (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and others.

June 13
19:00 Baltic Guitar Quartet (Lithuania). The event is free.

June 14
14:30 Samrat Majumder (Scotland, India). The event is free.
19:00 Montenegrin Guitar Duo (Montenegro). The event is free.

June 15
18:15 Laureate concert of the D. group of the International Baltic Guitar Festival competition. The event is free.
19:00 Zoran Dukic (Croatia).

June 16
16:00 Myrddin (Belgium)