Andrius Mamontovas "ONE. SUMMER"

The cost of the event
28.00 - 45.00
Event date
2024-08-17 19:00 To 22:00


Andrius Mamontovas presents the continuation of the concert tour "ONE" - "ONE. SUMMER".
From July 6 to August 24, Andrius will visit 8 special places in Lithuania, where he will take the stage alone - similar to 1995. at the concerts of the presentation of the solo album "Escape".
The concerts will feature legendary songs sung by the audience in unison, as well as new, rarely heard works. By recreating the unique concert format, the audience will have an extraordinary opportunity to ask questions by writing them down on pieces of paper, and hear A. Mamontov's own answers during the pauses between songs. This concert tour will feature very cozy, even romantic concerts in the open air, where listeners will be able to enjoy the music while sitting on blankets spread out on the meadow.
Andrius, who has been on stage for more than 40 years, invites you to come to the tour "VIENAS. VASARA" concerts in amazingly beautiful places in Lithuania and to experience a warmer and closer connection between the performer and the listeners.
The penultimate of the tour "ONE. "VASARA" concert on August 17 will embrace Birštonas like the bend of the Nemunas. The music of Andriaus playing on the summer stage, the pine forest and the Nemunas flowing right here - a combination that is worth experiencing.
The concert will take place outdoors, and the Lithuanian summer is full of pranks. In case of wet or cool weather forecasts, event participants are invited to take raincoats or other means to ensure comfort.
Standing tickets - the opportunity to enjoy the concert from a blanket spread on the meadow.
The format of the concert is seated, so the organizers will provide places to sit for those who bought seats, and those who bought standing will have to take care of what to sit on themselves.
Seat tickets are limited.
Tickets will be more expensive as the concert approaches.
By purchasing tickets to the event organized by Creators 76 Public Enterprise, you agree that you may be filmed or photographed, and photos and/or videos taken during the event may be published publicly without your additional consent on social networks and/or media. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or filmed or do not agree with the publication of photos and/or video material, please inform the event organizers.
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