Andrius Kaniava "Night at the Theater"

The cost of the event
12.00 - 15.00
Event date
2022-02-12 19:00 To 20:40


You ask - why not the evening? And you will be right! The evening is a time when you involuntarily want to go to the theater. But the scene is full of music, lights and theater magic in the evening, at night - it remains empty! And then it becomes open to the past. It is said that at night in the theater you can hear the voices of the outgoing Great Artists, the applause of the audience of the past and the music…

Unfortunately, performances have no lasting value… They remain only in the memory of those who saw them. And music is what gives us the opportunity to remember the performances that have changed the lives of many of us.

"Night at the Theater" is music and songs that I have encountered myself. This is a considerable period of time - almost a quarter of a century - from the life "Up to the feet" to the "Bremen musicians". It is music that, as a child, a young man, a student, I listened to while sitting on the steps of the Theater and saw myself in it. These are songs that have never gotten a chance to get into the ramp light, but have such a dramatic charge that they just beg for the stage. Not that they ask… They persecute, fly through the window, cringe through all the cracks and demand to be heard.

And I think that night has come!

Songs from the musicals "Love and Death in Verona", "Fire Hunt with Guards", from the performances "Eternal Lust", "I Left the Station", "Rule no. 1 or to dream of Vilnius is forbidden ”,“ Knight of the Sad Image ”and many other beloved performances. And where are the songs of Andrius Kulikauskas, Tom Waits and 4Non blondes, as well as the legendary performances "Up Your Feet" and "The Last Musicians of Bremen".